Erik Reynolds - Executive Chef


Erik’s Passion for cooking began at a young age after spending summers with his grandparents in New England. Erik found himself cooking meals with his grandmother by night and tending to the large garden by day. One of his first food memories is eating what his grandmother called “cannibal sandwiches”- beef tartar on Pepperidge Farms white bread, fresh sweet corn just cut from the cob and cooked in lots of butter and black pepper. After pursuing a degree in Restaurant Management, Erik was fortunate to apprentice under a renowned Sicilian Chef, Vincent Giglia, where his food and cultural interests were heightened to new levels.

Erik’s twenty plus year career as an Executive Chef has taken him to the helm of a diverse array of kitchens around the Western United States including five years as a successful restaurateur in Evergreen Colorado, and eight years working in Austin Texas. As Executive Chef of SMOKE. on cherry street, Erik brings with him a passion for the freshest local ingredients, sourcing as much as possible from local vendors and farmers.

Chef Erik participates in many local charity events throughout the year. “Giving back to the community that supports you is very important for a local business.” Chef Erik and Smoke. on cherry street have both received many awards and accolades since opening in 2010, including best chef in Tulsa(2011 and 2012) and best restaurant in Tulsa(2012 and 2013).

Look for Erik around town in his new truck and give a honk and a thumbs up! 
Shout-out to Ryno 4WD and 51 Wraps for making Chef Erik Reynolds’ new truck a sweet piece of road candy.